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lost in you 21/01/2018

As high as a person can be
I become, whenever you're around me
Is it your presence that feels like coke? 
Your smile, or is it your charming look? 

The minute I lay eyes on you,
I start smiling like a fool
And then I say : damn! I'm really in love with you.

With you I lose my sanity
but that's okay with me
Because, it's the only way I could see ;
The happiness in your eyes
And the joyful smile on your face

None can ever understand what I mean
Until they get a taste of what I feel.

I close my eyes to remember how you were the other day
I would stop and take a moment watching you like this, 
Before time steal you away and everything fades; 

Red warm cheeks as a newborn
Mesmerizing face, like it has never frown
And an ocean wide, hidden feelings, glowing eyes.

I can never have enough of this scene.
Gazing, dreaming, drowning in you is my favorite thing. 
Getting lost where, about my place, I have no clue ;
Deep in the sea or high in the sky where it's all blue.

Oh! Charming, loving and funny
That's how you are to me
And with you is where I always end up to be ...♡



eat clean
train mean
get lean
;) #Life-goal

Deen Squad- Muslim Man (Official Music Video) 24/11/2015

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From friendship to where ?? 15/06/2015

I can't focus on anything , my mind is hanging all over You
I'm lost , i don't know what to do
You went away and left me without a clue
To me, i have no idea what we are
sometimes we're close , but others we're far .
You ! you make me skip a beat ,
You ! you make my heart fall to my feet ,
You ! you make me scream "i love you" in the middle of the street .
What is it that i have done ?
your Love is like a trigger gun
sometimes it seems like fun
but others it makes me wanna run.
Oh ! what You doing to me ,
tell me what the next step is going to be?
is it Love that you wanna feel ?
or is it just Lust and nothing real ?
With You , i feel like i can fly
but soon i find my self falling high
all because of your stupid lie .
Is it true you're afraid about our friendship
or are You looking for a better relationship ?

Amazing 4 year old kid singing Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys 13/06/2015

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So cute !! / funny

you and me 16/03/2015

Everytime i hold a pen , you show up between my eyes
I start using my hand , to write something about "us"
I always remember our days , cause everything does
The stairs, the chairs, the laughters and even the tears
Truly every single thing and every single place
Than i take a brake and ask my self :
Do you remember what we had ?
Do you remember ME ? "Your Best Friend "!
'Cause for sure i know i do , one million time a day
I think i'm just a foolish girl with nothing left to say
I just wished and hoped that you were my forever.

my Ohs of the day ! 16/03/2015

Oh! what a moment !
No word in the world can describe it
he stood by me and held me tight
made me feel love, made me feel lust
Oh! what a hug!
I didn't want to let him go
my heart beats were so slow
and the kiss on his neck took me out of flow
Oh! what a kiss !
I can't tell even if i try to
i don't even know how i did you
i just did it without having a clue
Oh!what a day !
I waited this day since ever
i made so many plans that i can't even remember
but at the end it passed so awsome whithout any effort
Oh! what a feeling !
I wish you a happy birth day my dear
and i will always keep you near
cause losing you is all i fear
OMG i'm out of words , may we always be best friends and please my Bou always remember that I Love You <3

Have you seen the movie ?! 16/03/2015

waw! so beautiful and i loved it <3

words of wisdom from a Bast friend 10/01/2015

In life we all make mistakes,
And with time all have regrets
It's how to deal with these two that matters
Either it will bring you lovers or haters
You don't have to care too much for others
Keep in your mind that everything is possible
Sometimes after every bad thing happens
You'll find something better waiting
So have faith in yourself and be strong
Fight for what's right and say:”I'm a survivor «
Keep learning from your faults
Don't give up from the first falls
We all say that if we could turn back time rewind
We swear that we'd make it undone
But it'd be too late because the “what ifs » won't make things gone
You just to break the fail wall with a stone
And become a fighter like a backbone
No sorrows, no tears at all and make your place in this world
And you'll be happier than what's ever said with every book's word

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